Moving to the Gorgie-Dalry Neighborhood

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks getting settled in Edinburgh and time has been going by faster than I thought. I can’t believe its near the end of September and I have been in Scotland for nearly 3 weeks. As I wrap up the week here, I am starting to feel a bit more settled and am finally getting the time to catch up on some belated blog posts. Stay tuned over the next couple days for new posts about a conference I recently presented at, a 52km footrace in the highlands I did, and the focus of my upcoming research projects.

I settled into a new flat in the Gorgie neighborhood of Edinburgh. This is a fun one to pronounce. I thought is was “Georgey” for awhile, but then moved to “Georgie”, but it’s actually hard “g’s” on both. I am right next to Tynecastle stadium, and got to listen to the crowd of a very close football (formerly soccer) game last night between the Hearts (the local team) and Aberdeen (the Hearts tied the game in the 92nd minute to then win in penalties!). They advanced to the semi-finals of the Scottish League Cup, so you could say that I am now a Hearts fan now and am blindly hopping on this band-wagon.

Since signing a lease, there’s been a “Let Agreed” sign noting that a newcomer (me) has arrived.
Nearly out of electricity! Better run to the store to “top-up”!

With moving to a new place, there are always intricacies to figure out. I’ve gotten the temperature of the shower sorted, but still don’t know which settings of the stove top are the hottest as all the numbers on the dial have worn off. One notable difference in the living in the UK as compared to home is the way the electricity is set up. To keep the lights on in my new flat, you must take a fob to a local convenience or grocery store, where they scan it and “top-up” the credit, upon which you plug it back into your electricity meter and it adds credit. I was the foreigner who walked into the store holding a purple fob asking if anybody knew how I could get electricity onto it. Luckily they knew exactly what to do.

Compared to Boulder (and much of how the US is laid out), there is much more integration of residential and commercial areas in this neighborhood. While certainly, this is a result of being in a city, the feel of Edinburgh is much different than that of American cities (as it should). The fact that there is a “chippie” (fish and chips place) just two doors down from me makes it easy to pick up some food at the end of a long day rather than cook. But overall, the Gorgie-Dalry neighborhood is a fantastic place and I’ve been enjoying exploring it a bit. Although I haven’t decided which pub I want to call my “local” – there’s too many to choose from…

I am excited to start calling Gorgie Road home and realize that there’s so much to explore in Edinburgh. More to come on the explorations of the Gorgie neighborhood soon!

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